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Win the Draw, Rule the World

Last week Peabody and Ipswich youth girl's programs invited me to come run a draw clinic. It was AWESOME. My favorite part was how engaged the players and coaches were! We had a great turnout of coaches & parents that wanted to learn more so they can more effectively teach their players, and the players tried everything I threw at them.

I've been reflecting on the experience and I wanted to write an article detailing the importance of the draw. In the lax world...people like to say: Win the draw...rule the world. But, what does that even mean?! Well, the draw is an essential part of lacrosse and is crucial to the outcome of a game.

Here are 5 reasons why the draw is SO important:

  1. Possession: The draw determines which team will have possession of the ball at the start of each quarter and after each goal. Possession is a critical aspect of the game, as it provides the opportunity for a team to score or control the pace of the game.

  2. Momentum: Winning the draw can also shift momentum in a game. A team that consistently wins the draw can gain confidence and control the pace of the game, making it difficult for the other team to score and gain momentum.

  3. Strategy: The draw requires specific skills and strategies that can be tailored to a team's strengths. A team with strong draw skills can develop unique strategies and set plays that give them an advantage over the opposing team.

  4. Teamwork: The draw requires teamwork and communication among players. A team that works well together and communicates effectively during the draw can improve their chances of winning possession and ultimately the game.

  5. Fast Breaks: Winning the draw can also lead to fast breaks, which can result in quick and easy scoring opportunities. Teams with strong draw skills can take advantage of fast breaks to gain a lead or maintain a lead in the game.

Simply put, you can't win the game without the draw. If you're "local" and would like me to come out for a draw clinic or a specific skill you'd like to teach your program, please get in touch with me!

Insta: @laxfreeoride

Coach testimonial:

Hi Erin,
We won our first grade 7/8 Select game of the season last night. The girls were using your techniques on the draw and it was a complete 180. Like you say, Win the Draw, Rule the World!
Thanks again,
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