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The 8m Shot - aka. Free positions

What is an 8-meter shot?

In women's lacrosse, a free position shot (or 8-meter) is a type of restart that occurs after a major foul has been committed by the defending team. When a major foul occurs, the player who was fouled is awarded a free position, which allows her to take an unopposed shot on goal from a designated spot on the field.

A free position shot is an opportunity for the offensive team to score, and it can be an important strategic moment in the game. The attacking team can use various plays and strategies to create scoring opportunities from a free position.

The one I want to highlight is the: 1,2,3 SHOOT technique.

What is the 1,2,3 SHOOT technique?

The 1,2,3 Shoot technique is when a player shoots it on their 3rd step.

  • Step 1: Explode forward off the line and towards the net

  • Step 2: Hands up and ready to shoot (*I see a lot of players start with their sticks out in front of them...but I think it takes too long to get your stick up to shoot*)

  • Step 3: Shoot (Continue to run through your shot after you release the ball)

Check out these awesome FPS from Penn State's UPSET win over Maryland the other day!

What does this type of shot tell me as a coach/recruiter?

  • You're quick off the line

  • You maintain composure and are good under pressure

  • You have quick hands

For the record, I also love when players run it in and/or have a solid 8-meter "ripper" as well! A lot of your shot placement should depend on the defense and how the goalie is playing etc. but more on different types of 8-meter shots for another post!

Until then, follow these 5 tips to score on an 8m shot!

5 tips to score on an 8-meter shot:

  1. Position yourself correctly: When taking an 8-meter shot, you want to line up with the center of the goal and visualize where you want to aim the ball. I like to tell players that your first step should be slightly off center, towards your non-dominant hand to make room for your shooting hand.

  2. Observe the goalkeeper: Before taking the shot, you should take note of the goalkeeper's positioning (is she playing high on her crease? does she bite on fakes?what hand is her stick in?) and any other tendencies they may have. Have a plan & know where you are shooting before the whistle blows to help you take a more accurate shot.

  3. Proper form: To make a successful shot, proper form, such as keeping your stick high, elbow up, and following through with the shot are really important.

  4. Aim for the corners: The best way to score on an 8-meter shot is to aim for the corners of the goal- especially low or off stick hip, as these are the hardest areas for the goalkeeper to defend.

  5. Be confident: Confidence is key when taking any shot in lacrosse. Players need to believe in themselves and their ability to score, and not hesitate when taking the shot. This comes from lots of practice :)

Remember, there are no guarantees in lacrosse, and even the best players miss their 8 meters. It looks "easy" but any strong player knows it is far from it. By thinking about these tips and practicing regularly, you can increase your chances of scoring on an 8-meter shot.

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