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Shooting Drill - Around the World

It is SO important to shoot outside of practice because, simply put, you don't get enough reps at practice.

When shooting outside of practice, it's fun to mess around but it's also important to practice intention. I love to use the Cradlebaby for practice and when shooting during lessons. I love this rejector because it forces you to shoot for corners!

SO - why is shooting a lacrosse ball outside of practice is important?
  1. Skill development: Practicing shooting on your own or with a partner allows you to focus on improving your technique and skill development. By shooting repeatedly and focusing on different aspects of your technique, such as footwork and follow-through, you can improve your accuracy and power, which can translate to better performance during practice and games.

  2. Muscle memory: Practicing shooting outside of practice helps develop muscle memory, which is essential for becoming a great lacrosse player. Consistent repetition of the shooting motion helps your muscles develop a memory of how to perform the skill, making it more automatic and natural during games.

  3. Confidence building: Practicing shooting outside of practice can help build confidence in your abilities as a lacrosse player. When you feel more confident in your shooting ability, you are more likely to take shots during games, which can ultimately lead to more scoring opportunities and a better overall performance.

  4. Physical fitness: Shooting a lacrosse ball requires physical fitness, particularly in the upper body and core muscles. Practicing shooting outside of practice can help improve your physical fitness, which can translate to better overall performance during practice and games.

By consistently practicing and focusing on improving your skills outside of practice, you can become a better, more confident laxer and improve your performance on the field.

Try out this drill by yourself as a warmup and let me know what you think!

Drill: Around the world

  • Setup: 4 balls & cradlebaby rejector

  • How it works: Shoot top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right with your dominant hand! After you hit 4 targets in a row, switch hands and repeat

  • Focus: Form & Aim

  • Coaching points: Hands up, hold your follow through, point the "butt of the stick", elbow, and point toe at target to help with accuracy.

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As always...let me know what you think in the comments!

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