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Women's Lacrosse Drills - A Hand Eye Coordination & Partner Stick-work Warmup

February 2023 Lacrosse Drill of the Month

I chose this drill as our first #lacrosse #drillofthemonth because it has over 100k views on instagram!!! One coach even commented: "I LOVE YOUR POSTS! All sorts of awesome ideas & inspiration for our winter clinics."

I love getting tags or comments or DMs from all of you telling me what works, what kind of drills you like, and what you want to see more of!

One reason I like this drill is because it encourages players to "wake up" and connect their brains to their hands and get their body moving. While feet are stationary on this drill I encourage players to change their level and move their bodies. It is such an important skill that coaches/players do not pay attention to!

How to level up

I am a #competitive person so I love to add a competitive element to almost all lacrosse drills. I like to encourage my players to compete against themselves. Each rep trying to go just a little bit harder than the last rep. For this drill I will say to the players: "OK...see how many figure 8's you can complete in 30 seconds!" After the 30 seconds is up, i'll say " beat it" and time them again before switching partners. Another thing that is important when doing this drill is making the players switch hands. Players need to be comfortable using and switching both hands.

Like this drill? Let me know what you think in the comments. Did it work for you? Did you add any twists! I would LOVE to hear about them!

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