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Drill of the Month, March 2023 - Dodging over the top

I love watching great dodges. If you know me or follow my instagram, then you know that I believe in a practical approach to coaching and teaching lacrosse - start with learning the basics and doing them repeatedly until good habits are formed. The best way to learn lacrosse skills is through repetition. The more you do them, the better you get at doing them. This is why I love practicing the footwork and technique for the "over the top dodge."

So...what is an over the top dodge? In lacrosse, a dodge is when an attacker makes a quick move to get past their defender while in possession of the ball. An over the top dodge is when an attacker makes a move to "get to the middle" giving her a better angle on her shot. There are many different types of over the top dodges (face dodge, split dodge, stutter step. etc) but I like focusing on the footwork to start because it is all very similar.

Here are some other examples of over the top dodgeS

When I watch and evaluate these clips two things stick out: first step and spacing.

To work on the over-the-top dodge, you can check out this video and drill below. I love watching former Stonybrook/US Team player Ally Kennedy's version of this move—she makes it look so easy!

Here is a quick guide to the drill featured above!


"When you realize it's less about moves and more about manipulating the defense, you see how pass fakes, shot fakes, eye glances, etc. are the most efficient ways to create space to make plays." @CoachWheel

As always...let me know what you think in the comments! Thank you for taking the time to read. Up next month...DODGING UNDERNEATH!!!

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