Lax Free or Die

Updated: Mar 31

The Logo. The Mission. The beginning. Now.

Lax Free or Die was born during my time as an assistant lacrosse coach at the University of New Hampshire's Division 1 lacrosse program. In addition to all of the #lacrosse responsibilities, I was in charge of ordering gear and running camps and clinics.

I am originally from NJ and have a lot of NJ pride. I recognized a lot of state pride with the granite staters. I also love the state motto...#LIVEFREEORDIE. I mean, how cool is that? I knew I wanted the brand to be centered around all things #newhampshirelacrosse.

Choose your path

It is hard to choose just one thing that people love the most about New Hampshire

When I was giving tours of the campus, I kept pointing out all the amazing things about the state. There was one thing that seemed to stand out to people the most: the proximity to the beach, the mountains, and the woods. When designing a logo, I wanted it to represent the best parts of New Hampshire.

Where it started?

LFOD started out as a stick stringing business. I strung the team sticks and word grew.

Where it is now?

Develop young women. Grow the game. Community giveback

That is the #lfod mission now. I have time to build the brand into what I want it to be! While I still string sticks and sell string, the LFOD purpose has shifted. When I decided to stay home with my first born daughter and leave the division 1 lacrosse world, I couldn't give up lacrosse. My favorite part about coaching is the relationships I've made and watching young women develop! I want my daughter to grow up around the sport and women working hard to achieve their dreams. I started doing a lot of private lessons and small group lessons. Everything I do centers back to the LFOD mission: develop young women, grow the game, community giveback.

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