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Lacrosse tryouts are OFFICIALLY HERE! In preparation for tryouts, I talked to the top lacrosse high school coaches in the state of New Hampshire about what they look for when watching and evaluating a player. The number one word and theme that came up the MOST when I talked to the coaches was ATTITUDE. Your attitude should be the number one thing you should focus on during tryouts which is great, because it happens to be the number one thing that MATTERS and what you can CONTROL.

In this blog post I outline some tips on how to survive & thrive during the tryout process.

Here are the top 6 tips:

1. Start preparing early: It's important to begin preparing for tryouts weeks or even months in advance. This includes practicing your skills, building your endurance and strength, and working on your mental game.

"My best piece of try out advice is that you arrive at tryouts fit, strong, skilled, confident - do the work before tryouts, put in the hours on your strength & conditioning, your skills & drills, your Sunday indoor small sided play and your summer & fall club team play. If you do all that and you are rested and fueled you will have no trouble" - Coach Leslie

2. Focus on your fundamentals: Make sure you have a strong foundation in the basic skills of lacrosse, including passing, catching, cradling, shooting, and ground balls. These skills are essential for success on the field.

"I look for grit, athleticism, team players, good stick skills, competitiveness, and a positive attitude. I want a player that is always working on improving and never settles. They are focused, ask questions, put in the work at practice and on their own, and are also having fun while doing it." - Coach JoJo

3. Be a team player: Coaches are looking for players who work well with others and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Make sure to communicate effectively with your teammates, support them on the field, and show respect for your opponents.

"Players that come to the coaching staff and ask for feedback then work hard and actually incorporate that feedback into their game successfully also get our attention. Players that greet us as coaches and their teammates, that can engage and make eye contact and are comfortable with themselves, and confident in themselves and are open to coaching and ideas set themselves apart as well." - Coach Leslie

4. Stay positive: Remember that tryouts can be stressful, but it's important to stay positive and maintain a good attitude. Show enthusiasm, energy, and a willingness to learn and improve.

"I love players who give 100% and have a great attitude. Talking in drills, asking questions, cheering on teammates. Those are the kids you want in your program!" - Coach McKinley

5. Show your versatility: Coaches love players who can play multiple positions and contribute in different ways on the field. Be open to playing different positions and show your versatility during tryouts.

"Players who stand out are the ones who stay in the play. The ones who are never standing and watching. They are constantly moving away from the ball but find a way to get involved in the play." - Coach Christine

6. Give it your all: Finally, remember to give it your all during tryouts. Work hard, stay focused, and demonstrate your passion and dedication for the sport. If you show your coaches that you're willing to put in the effort, you'll have a better chance of making the team.

"What stands out to me as a coach when assessing players is how they respond to a challenge, their communication on all ends of the field, and their hustle. For example, a player can show their speed when driving to goal but do they showcase this when redefending on the ride? Coaches are looking for the player that puts in the effort." - Coach JoJo

Good luck this season!!!

xo Erin


Coaching pearls of wisdom:

Go out there and put in your best effort. Coaches aren't looking for you to be perfect. If you make a mistake, how do you respond? Do you put your head down, sulk, and get mad, or will you hustle to defend or get the ground ball and redeem yourself?

- Coach JoJo (Portsmouth)

My tryout advice is to showcase your skills but also show how you can play and highlight the play of others. At the end of the day it takes more than one person to make a play. - Coach Christine (Bedford)

Be vulnerable, take risks and make mistakes. No one is perfect in the game of lacrosse and you're going to be a whole lot more successful if you play big and bold and live in the moment. - Coach McKinley (Souhegan)

At BG we look for players that can positively impact our culture & our outcomes plus a great "team first" attitude. We look for players who are confident and focus on their academics & good social choices. They are engaging, athletic, and have an awareness on and off the field. They are coachable with a commitment to constant improvement and a willingness to commit to year round strength & conditioning, skills, and playing opportunities. - Coach Leslie (Bishop Guertin)

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